I. Purpose of this Notice

Princeton University ("Princeton" or the "University") respects and protects the privacy of alumni, donors' and affiliates' personal data. This notice explains how Princeton, through Advancement (Office of Alumni Affairs and Office of Development), may collect and use your personal data for engagement and development activities.

Personal data is information that Princeton holds about you and which identifies you. This includes information such as contact information, and is further detailed below.

II. Princeton's Commitment to Alumni, Donors & Affiliates

When you choose to attend Princeton, you agree that we can process your personal data for administrative and educational purposes. Such purposes include processing your personal data, at the appropriate time, for alumni and development activities as well. The University regards its alumni engagement efforts, including its outreach to alumni and the services it provides to alumni, as an important and integral part of the University's long-term commitment to its students. Similarly, when you donate to or are otherwise affiliated with Princeton, you agree that we can process your personal data in connection with your donation or affiliation and future University activities.

III. Where Do We Get Your Personal Data?

The University's Advancement Office obtains and updates personal data regarding alumni, donors and affiliates from various sources, including the following:

From you, when you:

From third-party sources:

IV. Categories of Personal Information We May Hold

The information about you that we may maintain includes:

As with most websites, certain actions you take will be recorded as cookies by the University's websites. Please see the University's website privacy notice for more information.

V. What Do We Do With Your Personal Information?

We may use your information to help us maintain an engaged alumni community and for fundraising purposes. For example:

VI. Who Can See Your Information?

Your personal data is held securely within the University. Access is limited on a need-to-know basis, and staff receive training on data protection, including compliance and confidentiality. Certain personal information is also shared with contracted vendors for discrete University business purposes (e.g., mail houses, event venues, market research firms). We do not sell or share your personal data with third parties for commercial purposes. Note that all students and alumni have access to TigerNet, the University's alumni online community, which includes select alumni information. Note also that volunteers may have access to select personal information as necessary for the volunteers to support the University's engagement and fundraising efforts.

VII. Communications

We may, from time to time, communicate with you by email, mail, telephone, or other methods, to pursue the purposes mentioned above. In particular, we regularly communicate with alumni, donors, and affiliates regarding fundraising and volunteer activities.

If you have opted not to receive communications from us, we will comply. In particular, you can request to have your contact information amended by contacting the Alumni Records Office, at or through self-service via TigerNet.

VIII. Retention

We view being a member of the University and part of the alumni community as a lifelong relationship. In general, the University may retain University alumni, donor and affiliate personal information in perpetuity or until the individual asks us to remove it from our records.

If you decide that you no longer wish to receive communications from Princeton, please understand that we still need to retain certain personal information for our records (e.g., to show that you don't want us to contact you or for audit and compliance purposes).

For additional information about Princeton's record retention practices, please see Princeton's "University-wide Records Management Principles" ( ).

For Our Alumni, Donors & Affiliates Who Reside in the EU

This addendum is pursuant to the European Union's ("EU's") General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). The GDPR may apply to the processing of personal information that you provide Princeton while you are in the EU, but it does not apply to information that you provide while you are in the US (for example, on campus).

I. What Constitutes "Personal Data"

Your "personal data" includes, for example, your contact information. It may also include "special categories" of data under the GDPR. Such "special categories" include information about your racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or other beliefs, physical or mental health, or information concerning any criminal offenses or criminal proceedings.

These "special categories" of data would only be collected if (i) you have directly provided the data yourself (with your consent), for example during one-to-one conversations with our representatives or collected for event management purposes, e.g., for assessing access requirements arising from a disability, or (ii) it has been obtained from public sources.

II. Our Legal Basis for Processing Your Personal Data Under GDPR

We may use your personal data with your consent. In addition, Princeton has made a commitment to its students, as lifetime members of the University community, to provide services and activities for alumni, and we may use your information to fulfill that commitment.

By supporting University alumni and undertaking other development activities, the University is acting in the public interest. In particular, alumni engagement and fundraising supports the University's charitable educational mission and the benefits to society that flow as a result.

Also, the University's activities with respect to its constituents are necessary to further the legitimate interests of the University. Legitimate interests of the University include supporting educational activities and ongoing development of the University and members of its community.

III. Your Rights Under GDPR With Regards to Your Personal Data

Subject to certain limitations and conditions, you have the following rights with respect to the processing of your personal data:

IV. Sharing Your Information Outside the EU

If we collect your information while you are in the EU, we may need to share your personal data outside the EU (for example, by transmitting it to Princeton NJ, USA).

The European Commission provides a list of countries which, according to the Commission, have adequate data protection rules. The list can be found here: transfers/adequacy/index_en.html .

If the country that we are sending your information to is not on the list, or is not a country within the EEA (which means the European Union, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland), then it might not have the same level of protection for personal data as the EU provides.

Upon request, we will provide you with additional information about the data security safeguards which Princeton has in place outside of this privacy notice. In particular, if you have any questions about the safeguards that are in place, please contact Princeton's Information Security Office at .

V. Further Information and Guidance

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns at . Specifically, as noted above, you can request to have your contact information amended or to discontinue receiving communications from us by contacting the Alumni Records Office, at , or through self-service via TigerNet.

If you believe that we have not acted properly when using your personal information, you can file a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority in the EU:( )